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We are now fitting high powered Gas shower systems into micro and medium campers, using Tailgate awnings especially manufactured for the imports and other models. Now customers can enjoy a HOT shower in campsites or in the wild.

ECO-Campers- and one Vehicle Families-
We are seeing a marked increase, and understandably so, in orders for ECO Campers where families are dispensing with 2/3 vehicles and using THE CAMPER as their main transport and shopping vehicle.
We have been working on these for many years and have CAMPERS here that can take 7/8 passengers and record fuel economy figures equivalent to 40-70 mpg and higher.
Even some of our large CAMPERS can do this.
So if you wish to save money and in effect have a children mover and a shopping vehicle with FREE HOLIDAYS pls email or call for our stock list with over 150 plus Camper bases.

The Nissan Elgrand new smaller 2500cc engine with SUPER HEADROOM MUSHROOM ROOF (market leader)
NEW 45.5 inch wide bed cushion and deluxe Side Fridge Freezer is really setting new standards in excellent mpg and fast smooth performance unlike the “van” conversions, with serous interior space.
If you would like a luxury drive and a camper at a fraction of the price of the bouncy Vans out there, pls email our contact email for the latest stock as we have over 60 elgrands here now at top level which are not listed on the website yet.

NEWS-Semi electric roof assist poles
Many people prefer the reliability of a Manual lifting roof, in case of electric fails which indeed is very understandable. JAL is now in production with an electronic pneumatic roof pole. This is custom built for our roofs , but can be adapted easily for others also. So customers can now have the largest super headroom roofs on the market which can be opened at the press of a button.

We are noticing a marked increase in requests for LPG installations, thankfully imports have always run well on LPG provided of course the correct systems are installed.

E-10 is creating problems even in cars that are supposedly built for it, whereas LPG some of the imports can run even better.

Availability, THIS IS GOOD NEWS as its not a well known fact that LPG is readily available in Pumps on Industrial estates, Campsites, Farm shops, Farms, Camping stores, and is often well cheaper than the branded service stations. DOWNLOAD the app and it lists a considerable number of filling stations.

As of 10/01/22 the prices on LPG near us varied from .61p-.99p a litre with the cheapest on a small industrial estate

ENVIRONMENT- LPG is clean for the planet so has an ethical bios as well as super cheap running

TWIN FUEL-The range can be enormous, with a tank for e-5 Petrol and LPG we are achieving ranges of 400-600 Miles on fill ups on some vehicles

Real life example how cheap LPG can be when installed and set correctly

On 17/01/22 we remapped the LPG system on a Nissan Terrano 3300cc engine that was giving 21 mpg on e5 Petrol priced at £7.22 per gallon.
On a mixed run with some town and motorway work we recorded 20.85 to the gallon on LPG and we filled up at £2.81 per gallon at a site marked on the Autogass app.

Basically a Top system and a good installer will give these results, cheap kits less so


Japanese Auto Locators offer a specialist finding service and offer for sale high specification Japanese direct vehicles. We specialise in MPVs including the Mazda Bongo, Nissan Elgrand, Toyota Alphard, Mitsubishi Delica and Toyota Regius. Various engine types are available including petrol, diesel and even electric hybrid on some models. Certain engine types have the capability to be converted to run on LPG for a dual-fuel option. We offer full camper conversions on many of our imported vehicles.

About This Site

The site that you see is used primarily as a viewing portal for either past examples, current stock and stock in transit. We always prefer the human touch so always encourage people to give us a call and talk. Please do bear in mind that the current stock and stock in transit is in no way fully comprehensive as we sometimes have stock sold before we can take a picture and update site. With this in mind we only tend to list a few examples just to demonstrate the type of vehicles and what to expect.

Showroom Examples

Can your camper do this?

A JAL Delica camper can and more...

Delica camper

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Now the Bongo enters a different league

swivel seat Swivel seats passenger and driver or just passenger now being fitted to full camper converts and any 8 seats Bongo.

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