Nissan Elgrand Showroom

Currently Available Stock Examples (click title or image for details):

Elgrand 2179Nissan Elgrand-in Black-Only-32,000 Miles-Year-2009

Elgrand 2149Nissan Elgrand-in White-Only-8,000 Miles-Year-2007

Elgrand 2050Nissan Elgrand-in White-Only-15,000 Miles-Year-2005

Elgrand 1996Nissan Elgrand-in Black-Only-39,000 Miles-Year-2006

Elgrand 1564Nissan Elgrand-Year 2004-Only 15,000 Miles-stock-1564

Elgrand 1566Nissan Elgrand-Year 2005-Only 23,000 Miles-stock-1566

Elgrand 1210Nissan Elgrand-Year 2006-Only 36,000 Miles

Elgrand 1126Nissan Elgrand-Year 2003-Only 21,000 Miles

elgrand 1500SOLD Nissan Elgrand-in Black-Only-13,000 Miles-Year-2005

Elgrand 1200SOLD Nissan Elgrand-Year 2005-Only 25,000 Miles

Elgrand 1136SOLD Nissan Elgrand-Year 2007-Only 12,000 Miles

Elgrand 1140SOLD Nissan Elgrand-Year 2005-Only 15,000 Miles

Elgrand 1106Nissan Elgrand-Year 2002-Only 19,000 Miles

Elgrand 1079Nissan Elgrand-Year 2004-Only 29,000 Miles

elgrand 1060SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 13,000 Miles, 1 owner, year 2002

Elgrand 1066SOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 2003-Only 56,000 Miles-rare colour

Elgrand 1049SOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 2003-Only 32,000 Miles-4wd (Twin drive)

Elgrand 1036Nissan Elgrand-Year 2004-Only 33,000 Miles

Elgrans 1029SOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 2003-Only 18,000 Miles

Elgrand 1030Nissan Elgrand-Year 2004-Only 50,000 Miles

Elgrand 1039SOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 2002-Only 26,000 Miles-4wd (Twin drive)

Elgrand 51-1019Nissan Elgrand-Year 2003-Only 36,000 Miles

Elgrand 51-800Nissan Elgrand-Year 2002-Only 46,000 Miles

Elgrand 51-1016Nissan Elgrand-Year 2003-Only 36,000 Miles-2wd

elgrand 51-1002Nissan Elgrand-Year 2004-Only 33,000 Miles-4wd (Twin drive)

Elgrand 51-1010Nissan Elgrand-Year 2003-Only 29,000 Miles

Elgrand 51-1044SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 14,000 Miles

elgrand rider 22SOLDNissan Elgrand- Rider-Year 2003-Only 57,000 Miles

Elgrand MNE 51-16SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only-10,000 Miles-Year-2005

Elgrand 96bSOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 2000-ONLY 4,500 Miles, repeat 4500 miles

elgrand 699SOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 2002-Only 31,000 Miles

elgrand 966SOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 2002-Only 21,000 Miles

elgrand 51-690Nissan Elgrand-Year 2003-4wd-Only 52,000 Miles

Elgrand 51-910SOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 2004-Only 35,000 Miles

Elgrand 51-900SOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 2004-Only 20,000 Miles

Elgrand 51-676SOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 2003-Only 12,000 Miles

Elgrand 51-656SOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 2004-Only 36,000 Miles

Elgrand 51-636Nissan Elgrand-Year 2004-Only 56,000 Miles

Elgrand me-51-707SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 49,000 Miles, RARE Year 2005

elgrand ne-51-610SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 46,000 Miles, Year 2003

elgrand me-51-700SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 48,000 Miles, RARE Year 2005

Elgrand ne-51-620SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 51,000 Miles, Year 2003

elgrand ne-51-600SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 58,000 Miles, Year 2002

elgrand 066SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 42,000 Miles, Year 2002-2wd

Elgrand 44SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 29,000 Miles, Year 2002,-4wd

Elgrand 026SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 45,000 Miles and TWIN 2wd and 4wd drives, Year 2003

Elgrand 22SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 31,000 Miles and TWIN 2wd and 4wd drives, Year 2002

elgrand 407SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 39,000 Miles, Year 2002

elgrand 408SOLDNissan Elgrand-Year-2002-67k Miles "warranted"

elgrand 366SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 50,000 Miles, Year 1999-2wd

elgrand 360SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 31,000 Miles, Year 2001-4wd

elgrand 346SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 41,000 Miles, Year 2002-4wd

elgrand 310SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 17,000 Miles

elgrand 306SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 57,000 Miles, Year 2002-DUAL DRIVE

elgrand 236SOLD Nissan Elgrand-Only 51,000 Miles, Year 2001-DUAL DRIVE 2wd and 4wd

elgrand 2026SOLD Nissan Elgrand-Only 8,000 Miles, and DUAL drive

elgrand 210SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 39,000 Miles, Year 2002

elgrand 211SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 45,000 Miles

elgrand 300Nissan Elgrand-Only 58,000 Miles, Year 2002

elgrand ref 2011SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 39,000 Miles, Year 2001

elgrand 170SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 20,000 Miles, DUAL Switchable DRIVE

elgrand 169SOLDNissan Elgrand-Only 30,000 Miles, Year 2001

elgrand 160SOLDNissan Elgrand-ULTRA LOW MILES-Only 35,000 and 4wd

elgrand 116SOLDNissan Elgrand-4wd pristine condition

elgrand 140SOLDNissan Elgrand HIGHWAY STAR, Only 52,000 Miles certificated

elgrand 102Nissan Elgrand-Year 2000-Only 47k Miles

elgrand 96SOLDNissan Elgrand-4wd-Diesel-Only 49k Miles

elgrand 67bSOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 2000-62k Miles FULLY CERTIFIED

elgrand 99SOLDNissan Elgrand-Year 1999-1 Owner, Certified Miles 55k

elgrande 67SOLDNissan Elgrand-High Way Star-Ultra low miles, Only 33,000

elgrandeSOLDNissan Elgrand -Year 2000-Certified Mileage

elgrand 28SOLD Nissan Elgrande Highway Star, low miles only 45k

Please note:

ALL our top level imports are offered with an “authenticated Japan Grading”, our advice is never buy without one. 

In this section all prices Include:

  • BIMTA Mileage Certificate for your reassurance and for your re-sale value
  • 12 Months Mot
  • Assured hand picked and selected import, we do not buy Uk, as we are one of the largest “pure importers” in the country
  • Full “no quibble” warranty, when we sell the car nothing is excluded in warranty period, we offer our own warranty not 3rd party paper systems
  • Extensive support after warranty, ie reduced labour rates and parts pricing
  • Extensive parts support tracking system, either used or new
  • Valet
  • Service

Delivery can be arranged for a small fee

Nissan Elgrand Lux 1:

This is built specifically for customers who would like a beyond M1 tested bed,

HUGE 45.5 inch width bed gap, and enormous floor space.

Couple this with our market leading SUPER HEADROOM MUSHROOM ROOF, and it's an unbeatable package.

elgrand convert

Granvia Sky Lift Roof

Why Vohringer ?

The woods used in your camper conversion are very important and Vohringer is the benchmark of high standards and indeed the industry base mark.

We see many converters start with Vohringer then move to cheaper woods that look the same in an effort to save money.

Vohringer is super light weight and very strong but most of all it has a very strong water resistance, unlike cheaper boards that soak up water.

More importantly Vohringer will stand the test of time and not delaminate quickly like some.

In 2016 we bought back for resale a conversion we completed 10 years ago and the wood was in the same beautiful condition we supplied. Cheaper boards we have seen with our competitors flake in 2-3 years.

We have now expanded the range we do and have included 16 Vohringer colours as well as our enormous choice of floors and upholstery.

If you have conversion completed elsewhere please ask the conversion company to state in writing they are indeed installing genuine Vohringer woods.

Thank You

NEW 45.5 inch cushion width, with Side fridge and Freezer in an Elgrand

45.5 inch cushion width

Vohringer market leading wood, hundreds of floor, cabinets, and upholstery colours available

Elgrand Mushroom Roof
JAL proudly announces the NEW MUSHROOM ROOFED Nissan Elgrand.
Walk-through Seats.
Swivel front seats also available.
Dual 2wd and 4wd available.
Huge walkway roof.
Both Diesel and Petrol available in 4wd. Huge stocks, here and on water.
The Camper to beat for 2012
41 inch bed Elgrand
Year 2002 Nissan Elgrand with the large interior elevating roof
41inch bed side fridge freezer
Latest 42 inch bed in Elgrand with a side Fridge-Freezer
Elgrand SUPER HEADROOM mushroom roof-gen 4
Elgrand SUPER HEADROOM mushroom roof-gen 4