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about us

Japanese Auto Locators offer a specialist finding service and offer for sale High specification Japanese direct vehicles. Many people now are purchasing direct vehicles due to the:

Higher specifications, many direct vehicles carry climate control, electric windows, ABS, electric mirrors , electric sunroofs as standard.

Condition, many direct vehicles are in far better condition than their uk counterparts, some even 11 years old have been unmarked. Additionally the Japanese have great respect for items they own, we find vehicles are treated with respect and care. Often first owner from import can be an advantage for resale.

Mileage, direct vehicles are often far lower mileages than UK counterparts, some 11-12 years old have genuine 25,000 miles, but they tend to vary between 40-75,000 miles.

Performance, often the engines are uprated or vehicles have economical Diesel engines fitted.


Services We Offer

Stock For Sale
We usually hold a constant stock and have new vehicles most weeks. We are always happy to describe what is on the way.

Track and Find Service
Track and find service abroad or in the UK can be offered. Working with agents in Japan and many specialist buying services in the UK we can locate a vehicle quickly and smoothly.

List Service
Should you be looking for a vehicle, we can list your number and as soon as one becomes available we will call, email, or text you.

we come into our own on this as we work with specialist breakers and importers, often we have located and shipped parts same day at a lower cost than main dealers. Direct car parts now are very much cheaper than a few years ago and now very common in many cases. Indeed Japanese direct cars are now so popular that there are hundreds of companies importing brand new parts directly for them.


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