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Eco-Green Camper Hire

We are trying to do our bit for the planet where possible, so we are proud to announce our very spacious Toyota Hi-Ace camper on ZERO emission LPG.

This is a fabulous UK touring vehicle, but really comes into its own in Europe travel where being narrow can wind around the lanes with ease , but being fitted with a SUPER HEADROOM MUSHROOM roof and a HUGE inside for a relatively small footprint, you can enjoy Wine, Sangria and authentic local food at your leisure.

This is her Sunning herself in beautiful Spain, totally self sufficient with OFF GRID SOLAR

eco hire

LPG now is FAR CHEAPER on the many CAMPSITES and FARMS that are now taking up the slack from the forecourts, up to 50 % cheaper than forecourts in some cases, and ridiculously cheap compared to petrol.

However if LPG cannot be obtained this Camper can run on petrol with a brisk 2.0l engine

eco hire

eco hire 3

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