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mushroom roof with roof rack

Bongo Motorhome conversions are proving very popular, in the main due to Bongos arriving in the Uk when at top levels having outstanding body condition, sometimes it is hard to believe the age they are.

With Japan using low or non levels of salt we have seen 15-19 year old Bongos that are in the same condition as uk cars of 2-3 years of age.

Please note this applies mainly to the few importers at top level.

Coupled with outstanding body condition even underneath on uk entrance and Japanese reliability buying a Japanese import is quite different from buying a uk vehicle, this is why people invest in them for conversions.

camper with mushroom roof

Now the Bongo enters a different league
swivel seat

Swivel seats passenger and driver or just passenger now being fitted to full camper converts and any 8 seats Bongo.

Colours in Action

colours in action 1

colours in action 2 - Felicity

colours in action 3 - Anne

colours in action 4

colours in action 5

colours in action 6

colours in action 7

colours in action 8

colours in action 9

colours in action 10

colours in action 11

colours in action 12

colours in action 13

colours in action 14

colours in action 15

colours in action 16

colours in action 17

colours in action 18

colours in action 19

colours in action 20

colours in action 21

colours in action 22

colours in action 23

colours in action 24

colours in action 25

colours in action 26

colours in action 27

colours in action 28

colours in action 29

colours in action 30

colours in action 31

colours in action 32

colours in action 33

colours in action 34

colours in action 35

colours in action 36

colours in action 37

colours in action 38

colours in action 39

colours in action 40

colours in action 41

colours in action 42

colours in action 43

colours in action 44

colours in action 45

colours in action 46

colours in action 47

colours in action 48

colours in action 49

colours in action 50

colours in action 51

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Spaceship 3rd Generation.
Superwide 47 inches bed,
Optional Rear storage,
Optional Headrests.
Just making the Bongo even better!

Spaceship 3rd Gen

bed foldedSpaceship Generation 3

click pics for larger version


Two versions available:

  1. Spaceship 2 with no Rear Cupboard so allows extra Light, ie great for artists and book-reading in natural daylight.
  2. Spaceship 3 with Rear Cupboard, the most popular.

ALL our conversions are built using VOHRINGER woods which is a tough water resistant material. This is the industry standard material at top level and helps with re-sale values as it does not mark easily and more importantly will not “fluff” if it gets soaked with water, which cheaper boards do. Please note that some top conversion companies have changed from VOHRINGER in an effort to reduce build costs, some boards are made to look similar and cost approx a 5th of the cost. It’s an important point, so look out for the Vohringer mark and if someone says they are installing Vohringer for you always ask for the quote in writing that Vohringer is being supplied.

Each Spaceship 2 and 3 version comprises of the following:

  • Fridge-large luxury under-bed Fridge, 12v powered.
  • Sink and Hob-Twin Smev unit with Stainless steel sink, and Twin Hob with a luxury Dark Glass protective lid.
  • Top Locker storage.
  • Zig Cf9-split charger and 240v to 12v inversion, secondary split charger relay so can charge both on the move and via hook up at home or on site.
  • Water-can be supplied via clean connection outside point and electric pump direct to taps, we find this by far the most popular , but an onboard system tank can be supplied if required. 12v micro switched tap supplied.
  • Electric hook-up point, with external plug in point built into side of the van, with built in RCD protector.
  • 240v plug points installed in conversion units.
  • Storage can be in slim-medium sized side cabinets, with good storage under the rock n roll bed. Hatches at rear can be open, small doors or large door, you can choose. Should serious storage be required, tow bar bak rak systems can be fitted.
  • Super width 47 inch wide Rock n Roll Bed Cushion. Easy one bolt down slide system and can be down and ready to sleep in seconds.
  • Flooring, new floor supplied with an enormous colour base. We usually carry 30-40 colours in stock at all times. Flooring can be supplied by customer if there is a very special material required.
  • Lighting-quality spotlight and switched down-lighters are provided. Should you need more then LED sticky lights are a great option and very cheap.
  • 12v power outlet, supplied at rear of conversion.
  • Leisure battery fitted under-bonnet with tray, which powers the conversion lights and fridge.
  • Stow away table, fitted via chrome pole into floor, table can be rectangular or circular.
  • Choice of finishes of Vohringer woods and edge trims.
  • EXTENSIVE upholstery finish into the hundreds of combinations supplied in hard wearing material, all tested to 40,000 rub test, in Vinyl, Suede, Velvet type feel.


Please feel free to request any small alteration or additions to design.

Thank You

Footnote: We are constantly innovating and have now in-build between 11-16 conversion types, as of 2013. If you have a design you wish us to build, our dedicated conversion factory and metal fabrication shops can easily build your design in an import that we supply.

New 41 inch wide bed with side Fridge-Freezer.

41 inch wide bed

41 inch bed folded

41 inch bed folded

click pics for larger version

NEW flooring for 2016

new floors

click pics for larger version

NEW flooring for 2016

new floorsnew floors

click pics for larger version

NEW TopBox Storage Units

top boxes

125.5 cm wide / 20 cm deep

Now also for sale direct from Innovcampers.co.uk

Rear Roller-standard bed width

bed folded

bed folded

click pics for larger version


At last HOTWATER in a BONGO and FREDA!

rapid heater

This has been a long time coming and is now here. RAPID HOTWATER SYSTEM now small enough for MINI CAMPERS such as the:

Mazda Bongo/Freda
Nissan Elgrand
Toyota Granvia

This unit is being installed into the latest "inhouse JAL converts" at very reduced prices.

Introducing the New Toyota Granvia Sky-Lift roof Large walkway sleeps 2 Upstairs

Granvia Sky Lift Roof

click pic for larger version


NEW Superwide 47 inch Bed

bed folded

bed folded

click pics for larger version

NEW 6ft 6 inch long by 47 inch Wide bed with LUXURY Fridge

bed folded

bed folded

bed unfolded

from rear

bed folded fridge open

click pics for larger version

Granvia Sky Lift Roof

Why Vohringer ?

The woods used in your camper conversion are very important and Vohringer is the benchmark of high standards and indeed the industry base mark.

We see many converters start with Vohringer then move to cheaper woods that look the same in an effort to save money.

Vohringer is super light weight and very strong but most of all it has a very strong water resistance, unlike cheaper boards that soak up water.

More importantly Vohringer will stand the test of time and not delaminate quickly like some.

In 2016 we bought back for resale a conversion we completed 10 years ago and the wood was in the same beautiful condition we supplied. Cheaper boards we have seen with our competitors flake in 2-3 years.

We have now expanded the range we do and have included 16 Vohringer colours as well as our enormous choice of floors and upholstery.

If you have conversion completed elsewhere please ask the conversion company to state in writing they are indeed installing genuine Vohringer woods.

Thank You


We supply Bongos direct to the consumer for conversion and also to the main Camper Converters, we also complete light conversions ourselves, ie fit the Bongo Kitchen Units for £699 fitted with a quality unit.

By ordering a Bongo direct with ourselves you will be in a position to save a great deal of money as we charge a small profit on the High Grade Mileage Guaranteed Bongo, then arrange a discount for you from the Camper Converter, or you can utilize our own in-house conversion factory. This results in a saving of many thousands of pounds. Most converters tend to create one or perhaps 2 fixed designs, whereas we are innovators and now have 9 fixed designs with as many as 32 variants. The upholstery and wood option choices are overwhelming so people tell us.

VERY IMPORTANT: There are many camper converters who do not have access to the higher quality and mileage certified Bongos, beware of this as your dream Bongo could be one that is not genuine miles, and if you convert a non warranted mileage Bongo it could be a disaster.

EVERY Bongo we supply for camper conversion carries a full BIMTA MILEAGE GUARANTEE.

We utilise 4 major camper converters throughout the UK as well as our own workshops, Camper Convert Bongos include the following:

  • High Grade Japanese Grade 3.5-4 Bongo
  • Mileage Certified,
  • 12 Months Mot,
  • NEW CAMBELT Oil and Filter Change

You can purchase from us at Discount and take to a Camper Converter of your choice, however the relationships we have with the converters usually mean that:

  • We can get you placed quicker, usually an immediate conversion start,
  • We can obtain a discount for you,
  • We can keep a close eye on progress for you and smooth out any wrinkles,
  • We have access to what is happening in the Camper Convert Industry and can inform you about better choices that may be due.

With ourselves you can very quickly drive away an R, S, T, Bongo camper converted for under £9999. Many R plates converted have been under £8999 on the Road, some of the established Camper Converters are charging double these prices.

Please call us and we will gladly send you a stock list of all the 1998, 1999, 2000 right up to 2006 Camper Convert only Bongos that are on the way.

Gallery: Click Thumbnail for Larger Pic
Bongo Interior mushroom roof
Very with it 7 Seat Mid Convert Camper New Mushroom Roof
mushroom roof mushroom roof closed
New Mushroom Roof Mushroom roof closed
full width bed twin bed
Full Width bed Conversion Twin bed for extra tall people and has significant storage
full width bed rear roller
Full Width bed and Front Kitchen Full rear roller
skylift 1 skylift raised
Skylift roof closed Skylift roof raised
skylift front skylift side
Skylift roof front Skylift roof side
cut down spaceship
Conversion cut down original seats 47 inch wide bed
slide door hard top roof
Rear Roller and Slide Door HardTop Camper Roof: Large walkround capacity. Can be sleeper or extra storage space.
hard top roof camper colour 1
HardTop Camper Roof: Large walkround capacity. Can be sleeper or extra storage space. Colours in Action 1
camper colour 2 camper colour 3
Colours in Action 2 Colours in Action 3
camper colour 4 camper colour 5
Colours in Action 4 Colours in Action 5
camper colour 6 camper colour 7
Colours in Action 6 Colours in Action 7
camper colour 8 camper colour 9
Colours in Action 8 Colours in Action 9
camper colour 10 colours in action11
Colours in Action 10 Colours in Action 11
camper colour 12  
Colours in Action 12  


8 seat bongo camper
8 seat camper
8 seat camper bongo
8 seat camper
8 seat camper

super comfort 6

The NEW Super Comfort 6 seater, topped with MEMORY FOAM.

  • NEW super comfort Twin Roller bed 6 seater, with MEMORY FOAM.
  • FULL power management systems and Zig Units
  • Floor choice of 9 differing specifications.
  • Large, extra LONG Bed
  • Built by our new inhouse factory and exceeds the standards of the market

interior1interior2 rangeintinteriorinterior 6interior 7kitchen rear 1

above and below:
Bongo Kitchen Rear Unit,
Specially designed for the Bongo with no seats lost so still can be
enjoyed as an 8 seater with full Bed capacity, this is NEW and in
stock now. kitchen rear 2

grey conversiongrey conversion

LUXURY CONVERSION at special prices.

The following conversions can be installed into any Bongo of your
choice, no waiting lists as we obtain priority installation and can save
you a few hundred pounds off the usual costs.

luxury 1 luxury 2 luxury 3 luxury 4 luxury 5 luxury2lux3lux4

New Mid Conversions 5 and 7 seaters

5 seater 7 seater


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