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starLowest insurance prices in the land - unbeaten as yet
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We hold between 100-200 plus vehicles on 2 sites pretty much all year round, far too many to list on site, so please email in for stock lists, thank you.

starOrder your Bongo NOW!
20-40 vehicles leaving Japan, all colours, Grey, Silver, White/Grey, Blue, Wine, Green, Turquoise, Black, Brown. Prices £5000-£8000 uk road legal. Small deposit secures the Bongo of your choice. Buy on the Ship as cheaper. Trade enquiries welcome.

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Granvia Sky Lift Roof

Why Vohringer ?

The woods used in your camper conversion are very important and Vohringer is the benchmark of high standards and indeed the industry base mark.

We see many converters start with Vohringer then move to cheaper woods that look the same in an effort to save money.

Vohringer is super light weight and very strong but most of all it has a very strong water resistance, unlike cheaper boards that soak up water.

More importantly Vohringer will stand the test of time and not delaminate quickly like some.

In 2016 we bought back for resale a conversion we completed 10 years ago and the wood was in the same beautiful condition we supplied. Cheaper boards we have seen with our competitors flake in 2-3 years.

We have now expanded the range we do and have included 16 Vohringer colours as well as our enormous choice of floors and upholstery.

If you have conversion completed elsewhere please ask the conversion company to state in writing they are indeed installing genuine Vohringer woods.

Thank You


Currently Available Stock Examples (click title or image for details):

bongo 5006B5006-Mazda Bongo rare colour-Ultra low 23,000 Miles-Year 2002

bongo 6000Mazda Bongo-Rare-Year 2006-very low 20,000 Miles-Choice of roofs

bongo 5026Mazda Bongo-V6-Low 19,000 Miles-2000-RARE colour-Choice of roofs

bongo 1410*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 9,000 Miles, yes only 9,000 Miles

bongo 1286*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-RARE Colour-Only 18,000 Miles Year 2001-Super eco engine-choice of roofs

bongo 1186*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Low 33,000 Miles-2001-RARE colour-Choice of roofs

bongo 1216*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-RARE Year 2006-1 owner-39,000 Miles-Super eco engine-choice of roofs

bongo 1202*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-ULTRA RARE 4wd-New shape-Choice of Roofs, only 63,000 Miles

bongo 1006*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-ULTRA RARE 4wd-New shape-Choice of Roofs, only 50,000 Miles

bongo 9742*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 14,000 Miles Certified £7999, as tintop

bongo 9744*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-ULTRA RARE 4wd-Choice of Roofs, only 31,000 Miles

bongo 9633*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 50,000 Miles Certified £7999

bongo 9592*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 22,000 Miles Certified with Choice of larger roofs-RARE Colour

bongo 9540*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 30,000 Miles Certified and 1 owner

bongo 9569*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 14,000 Miles Certified with Choice of larger roofs

bongo 9506*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-RARE 4wd-Only 59,000 Miles Certified £7999

bongo 9476*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 45,000 Miles Certified £10999

bongo 9411*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 57,000 Miles Certified £7999

bongo 9386*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-ULTRA RARE 4wd-New shape-Choice of Roofs, only 67,000 Miles

bongo 9079*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-RARE Colour-Only 40,000 Miles Certified with Choice of larger roofs

bongo 8930*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 43,000 Miles Certified-Year 2001-DIESEL-ultra rare, choice of roofs

bongo 8946*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-RARE 4wd-Only 69,000 Miles Certified-Year 1999-DIESEL-ultra rare, choice of roofs

bongo 8890*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 67,000 Miles Certified with Choice of larger roofs

bongo 8812*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 38,000 Miles Certified £7999

bongo ref 8600*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 36,000 Miles Certified £9999, Japan Grade 4

bongo 8610*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-ULTRA RARE as 4wd-MANUAL GEARBOX-Choice of Roofs, only 52,000 Miles

bongo 8522*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 61,000 Miles Certified £7999 uk prepped

bongo 8540*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 26,000 Miles Certified with Choice of larger roofs

bongo 8505*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 45,000 Miles Certified, Uk prepped £6999 , fresh import

bongo 8490*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 56,000 Miles Certified-Rare-4wd-Japan 4 graded, pristine

bongo 8444*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 30,000 miles certified, Year 2000 new shape

bongo 8459*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 13,000 Miles Certified

bongo 8399*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 25,000 Miles, and year 2003

bongo 7177*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 18,000 Miles

bongo 8099*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 19,000 Miles Certified

bongo 8079*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 34,000 Miles Certified, rare colour

bongo 8046*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 17,000 Miles Certified with Choice of larger roofs

bongo 8076*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-STUNNING CONDITION-Only 37,000 Miles

bongo 8030*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare colour-Only 26,000 Miles Certified

bongo 8032*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 54,000 Miles Certified, and 4wd

bongo 7106*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 42,000 Miles Certified, and 4wd

bongo 7077*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare Colour and only 28,000 Miles

bongo 7046*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare-33,000 Miles, can have "larger roof"

bongo 7048*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 35,000 Miles Certified

bongo 7114*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 51,000 Miles Certified

bongo 7126*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 63,000 Miles Certified, only £6250 for a Top Level

bongo 7109*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare-Only 18,000 miles , with choice of roofs

bongo 7111*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare-30,000 Miles, can have "larger roof"

bongo 7092*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 34,000 Miles

bongo 7080 *SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 46,000 Miles Certified

bongo 7101*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Year 2004-DIESEL, ultra rare example- large choice of roofs

bongo ref 7099*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 32,000 Miles Certified

bongo 7020*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare-1 Owner and only 36,000 Miles

bongo 7079*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 48,000 Miles Certified

bongo 7050*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 47,000 Miles Certified

bongo 7062*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 33,000 Miles Certified

bongo 7036*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare colour-Only 52,000 Miles Certified

bongo 7026*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 28,000 Miles Certified, and sought after 4wd, Choice of Roofs

bongo 7019*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 54,000 Miles Certified

bongo 6006*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 17,000 Miles Certified

bongo 6002*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 20,000 Miles Certified

bongo 7009*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 39,000 Miles Certified

bongo 5064*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 61,000 Miles Certified-Rare Year 2003

6079*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 53,000 Miles Certified

bongo 6049*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare colour-Only 40,000 Miles Certified

bongo 5068*SOLD*Mazda Bongo-Only 36,000 Miles Certified

bongo 4902*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 38,000 Miles CERTIFIED, New shaped 4wd

Bongo 4916*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare colour

bongo 3990*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 16,000 Miles and ECO engine

bongo 4826*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 36,000 Miles, High Quality Starter

bongo 4005*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 38,000 Miles CERTIFIED, Rare 1 owner

bongo 5106*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-70,000 Miles Certified and 4wd

bongo 3679*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 43,000 Miles CERTIFIED, Year 1999 New Shape

bongo 3809*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 64,000 Miles CERTIFIED, Year 2001

bongo 3801*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 22,000 Miles CERTIFIED, V6 Power, ideal LPG

bongo 3769*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 52,000 Miles CERTIFIED, Year 2001

bongo 3776*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Year 2004, only 49k Miles CERTIFIED

bongo 3596*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 33,000 Miles CERTIFIED, Year 2000

bongo 3570*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 32,000 Miles CERTIFIED-4wd-1 Owner

bongo 3766*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 21,000 Miles CERTIFIED, Year 2001

bongo ref3700*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 38,000 Miles and rarer 4wd New Shape

bongo 3719*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 18,000 Miles, sought after 4wd

bongo 3699*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Year 2001-Japan Grade 4.5, Only 57k Miles

bongo 3333*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 35,000 Miles Certified

3160*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-4wd-1999-New Shape 2.5td, Only 50k Miles

bongo 3192*SOLD* Mazda Bongo Only 21,000 Miles and super eco option engine

3402 bongo*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-4wd and NEW SHAPE Facelift

3162*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Year 2004, Only 41,000 Miles, Super eco opt engine

3086*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Year 2004, Stunning Charcoal, only 56k

bongo ref 3399*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 41,000 Miles Certified, rare 1 owner

bongo ref 3306*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Certificated Mileage, special edition

bongo ref 2866*SOLD* Mazda Bongo NEW SHAPE Only 19,000 Miles WARRANTED.

3026*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Year 2001, ONLY 39k Miles, Super eco engine

3146*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 1997, smooth, fast V6 power, ideal for LPG

bongo ref 2676*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 16,000 Miles-Very rare 1 owner and pristine for age, fully certified.

bongo 3069*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 32, 000 Miles WARRANTED

bongo 2466*SOLD* Mazda Bongo NEW SHAPE-Year 2001-Only 22,000 Miles WARRANTED.

bongo 2490*SOLD*Mazda Bongo-Only 31,000 Miles , fully certified.

*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-2002 NEW SHAPE-Under 9,000 Certified Miles in Stunning Black

bongo 1866*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare Colour and only 37,000 Miles

bongo 1640*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-2004 NEW SHAPE Warranted 54,000 Miles

bongo ref 1515*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 18,000 Miles Warranted

bongo 1506*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 20,000 Miles-NEW SHAPE-SUPER ECONOMY engine

bongo 1482*SOLD* Mazda Bongo NEW SHAPE-Year 2002-Only 39,000 Miles WARRANTED

bongo 1474*SOLD* Mazda Bongo NEW SHAPE-Year 2001-Only 23,000 Miles WARRANTED

bongo ref 1297*SOLD* Mazda Bongo NEW SHAPE Only 16,000 Miles WARRANTED-1 owner Bongo and can have the latest "Mushroom Roof"

bongo ref 1296*SOLD* Mazda Bongo NEW SHAPE Only 19,000 Miles WARRANTED

bongo ref 1299*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-2003 in rare colour NEW SHAPE Warranted 53k Miles and can have the very latest "MUSHROOM ROOF"

bongo ref 1244*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Year 2000-NEW SHAPE-Warranted 19,000 Miles

bongo 599*SOLD* Mazda Bongo NEW SHAPE-Year 2000-Only 34,000 Miles WARRANTED

bongo 115*SOLD* Mazda Bongo NEW SHAPE Warranted Mileage LPG inc in price

bongo ref1199*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Year 2000 - NEW SHAPE - Warranted 25,000miles - 1 owner

bongo 2001*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 2001 NEW SHAPE DIESEL-Only 25300 Miles WARRANTED

bongo 98*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-LOW WARRANTED 23k Miles

bongo 1998*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 2.5td "S" plate at a unique price

bongo 1999*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-NEW SHAPE-1999- V Plated

bongo 1998*SOLD* Mazda Bongo "S" plated-1 owner

bongo 2000*SOLD* Mazda Bongo - 2000 - NEW SHAPE

bongo 99*SOLD* Mazda Bongo - NEW SHAPE -1999-

bongo*SOLD* Mazda Bongo - 1998 - ONLY 28,000 Miles

bongo camper*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 2.5td Ultra Low Miles-R plate Camper Convert only

bongo 97*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-RED - Carrying a Full NEW Mid Convert Camper unit

bongo ref 1406*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare-MANUAL GEARBOX

bongo ref 1252*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-NEW SHAPE-Only 15,000 Miles and 1 owner

bongo ref 1247*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-NEW SHAPE-Only 45,000 Miles and 2.5td

bongo ref 1232*SOLD* Mazda Bongo NEW SHAPE-Year 2000-Only 36,000 Miles WARRANTED. Choice of 4 different Roofs.

bongo ref 1221*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-for NEW TWIN STAGE ROOF. Year 2002

bongo ref 1215*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-for NEW TWIN STAGE ROOF-Only 21k.

bongo ref 1220*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-for NEW TWIN STAGE ROOF-Only 29k-MANUAL GEARBOX

bongo ref 600*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-2001 NEW SHAPE Warranted 39,000 Miles

bongo ref 1292*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 35,000 Miles

bongo ref 1239*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare Colour-Only 42k

bongo ref 1206*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-New shape only 46k

bongo 1237*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare 1 owner and only 35k

bongo ref 1236*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 21,000 Miles and 1 owner

bongo ref 1228*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Rare Colour and only 45k-2.5td


bongo 116*SOLD* Mazda Bongo NEW SHAPE Only 36,000 Miles WARRANTED

bongo 6612*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Only 21,000 WARRANTED MILES-NEW SHAPE

bongo ref 17*SOLD* NEW SHAPE DIESEL rare as 8 seats

bongo ref699*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-1 owner only 29,000 Miles Warranted

bongo ref677*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-NEW SHAPE

bongo ref66*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-NEW SHAPE-Warranted 40,000 miles

bongo*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-1 owner-Only 27,000 Miles WARRANTED

bongo p*SOLD* Mazda Bongo - only 26,000 WARRANTED MILES

bongo*SOLD* Mazda Bongo - 56k WARRANTED MILES

bongo ref 106*SOLD* Mazda Bongo - NEW SHAPE as an 8 seater

Below are some previous examples over the 8 years selling imports.
Prices have risen now for "QUALITY" stock, 2011 saw record prices.

bongo ref 91*SOLD* Mazda Bongo - LOW WARRANTED 39k Miles

bongo aqua*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 1996 - AQUA

bongo ref 303*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-NEW SHAPE 1 owner WARRANTED 43000 Miles

bongo 1997*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 1997-P

1998 bongo*SOLD* Bongo Silver WARRANTED MILEAGE

bongo p plate*SOLD* Mazda Bongo Black - SPEEDSTER VERSION

bongo n plate*SOLD* Mazda Bongo only 39,000 WARRANTED miles

bongo 1997*SOLD* Mazda Bongo Rare V6 - Super smooth version

bongo 1996*SOLD* Mazda Bongo- Rarest colour AQUA - P plate

bongo 97*SOLD* Mazda Bongo - 1 owner only 42,000 Miles

bongo 1995*SOLD* Mazda Bongo - 1 owner only 24,000 Miles

bongo 1996*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-Blue 1 owner only 23,000 miles WARRANTED MILEAGE

mazda bongo*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-RAREST COLOUR

nissan figaro 1991*SOLD* Nissan Figaro 1.0 Turbo, with Service History

bongo n plate*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-1 owner-Only 34,000 Miles

bongo 1997*SOLD* Mazda Bongo sought after "R" plate-VERY LOW MILES

bongo 97*SOLD* Mazda Bongo Campertop-Black over GREY, on an R plate-Very LOW MILES

mazda bongo 1997*SOLD* Mazda Bongo Campertop-Rare GREY, on a P plate

bongo 1997*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 2.5td , Rare R plate, Blue/Grey

bongo 97*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 2.5td , Rare R plate, Silver

bongo 1997*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 2.5td, Rare Colour and Rare R Plate

bongo 1997*SOLD* Mazda Bongo Rare R Plate, 1 owner, service history

bongo 1996*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 2.5td ONLY 30,600 Miles Rare Manual

bongo 1996*SOLD* Mazda Bongo-RARE MANUAL, 2.5Td Campertop-1 Owner

bongo lowtop*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 2.5td (Lowtop) 8 Seater MPV only £3999.00

legacy*SOLD* Subaru TWIN TURBO Legacy-RS Version

bongo 95*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 2.5TD Campertop, 1 Owner from NEW

bongo 1997*SOLD* Rare 1997 Bongo, 1 owner Full Service History

EVO 2 1995*SOLD* Mitsubishi Evolution 2 RS Edition

lucida*SOLD* Toyota Lucida 1995

lucida 1994*SOLD* Toyota Lucida 1994 - Manual

chariot*SOLD* Mitsubishi Chariot 1998 - New Larger Version

lucida manual*SOLD* Toyota Lucida X - Rare Manual

bongo 96 *SOLD* Mazda Bongo 1996 Friendee Auto Free Top

pajero*SOLD* Mitsubishi Pajero SWB-2.8 Turbo Diesel

surf 1994*SOLD* Toyota 3.0 Litre Surf 1994

lucida g luxury*SOLD* Toyota Lucida G Luxury 1995

bongo*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 1996 4WD Camper Top 2.5TD

lucida*SOLD* Toyota Lucida 2.2TD 8 Seater MPV

pajero*SOLD* Pajero 2.5TD-MANUAL, 1995, 1 OWNER, 44k Miles

Japanese Auto Locators

Telephone :: 01386 792946

 BIMTA Member of BIMTA

The prices we quote are for on-the-road UK, fully backed, prepped, and warranted product.
We do not advise using "import schemes".
All our products have all duty and vat paid correctly.
Import schemes have a list of "extras" that get added on top, ours do not.

Our vehicles are fully backed and supported with large workshops and camper conversion factories here in the UK. We are situated in 6 locations in Inkberrow, Worcestershire.

Each Bongo price includes:
* Mileage Certificate pass - very important we think.
* Authentic Japan Grading. Shown on details pages. Min starters 3.5 and 4.0.
* Authentic close up Japan photos sent to you so you can compare the "real condition" Japan to the Bongo in front of you. The "grades" are only a starting point.

The question people need too ask is: "If I cannot see photos from Japan all round the vehicles, why not? Is there something being hidden?"
Our view is simple, if you cannot see these crystal clear photos and the auction sheet then there is something being hidden.

Any true importer will show you these "true-state" Japan photos on introduction.

If not ? Why not ?

Also our prices include:

Full Cambelt change, whether needed or not. Service, filters, coolant change and system bleed. Extensive 55 point check.
Massive parts support, onward servicing and parts at special JAL prices.
Warranty (NO QUIBBLE), we do not use 3rd party insurance paper, it's all in-house, no exceptions, even switches covered.
Extensive test drive by us before vehicle pick up, To-date we have only had 4 engines fail out of thousands and 16 years selling imports approx, that's how reliable TOP LEVEL machinery can be!

199cm high - the NEW SUB 2.0m roof!

new sub 2m roof

Spaceship 3rd Generation.

Spaceship 3rd Gen

Superwide 47 inches bed - see Motorhome Conversions page for more info & pics...

New 41 inch wide bed with side Fridge-Freezer.

41 inch wide bed

41 inch bed folded

41 inch bed folded

click pics for larger version

Standard Width Bed and Rear Slide Door
Can be 4 seats as standard or made to take 6 people.
standard bed

8 seat bongo camper
8 seat camper
8 seat camper bongo
8 seat camper
8 seat camper

We have left some of the high quality examples below on the site so the upward trend in prices can be seen.

QUALITY Bongos have risen remarkably in price, ie the ones with the important 3 points provenance:

Nobody knows whether this trend will continue, but “quality” imports seem to do so.


The MUSHROOM ROOF is now being fitted at JAL Worcester, the many advantages are:

  • Largest walkway available in a Bongo or Freda, significantly more than the standard roof.
  • Walk from front seats to rear tailgate at full head height.
  • Ease of operation, up and down in seconds
  • Better MPG
  • Sleeps 2 people and sometimes even a 3rd small person
  • Colour coded to match the Bongo

mushroom roofmushroom roof

see gallery for larger photos...


  • Largest interior walkway available similar to Mushroom roof and far larger than the standard factory roof.
  • Walk from front seats to rear at "full head height"
  • Ease of operation, up and down in seconds
  • Better MPG as lighter
  • Colour coded to match the Bongo
  • Sleeps 2 people
  • Higher than the factory aft roof when raised so more cubic capacity

vented mesh
vented mesh skylift roof

see gallery for larger photos...

Choice of electronic and manual lift now available

Manual Lift Top Roofs - Our Bongos can be offered with the option of Manual roofs.
For better MPG, Faster operation as up in seconds, More streamlined looks, Fits into spaces where normal Bongos cannot go.
new roofnew roof rear

bongo roof closed

Mk1 Roof ultra slim line with sleeper compartments

HardTop Camper Roof

Large walkround capacity
Can be sleeper or extra storage space
new roofnew roof rear

see gallery for larger photos...





Previous Examples

350z *SOLD* Nissan 350z Version S 2003

nissan figaro*SOLD* Nissan Figaro 1000cc Turbo Auto, VERY LOW MILES

lucida 1996*SOLD* Toytota Lucida 1996

lucida 94*SOLD* Toyota Lucida 1994

mazda bongo*SOLD* Mazda Bongo 1995

nissan serena 1996 *SOLD* Nissan Serena 1996

Japanese Auto Locators

Telephone :: 01386 792946

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