Toyota HYBRID-Alphard-Year-2005-Only 36,000 miles, ideal Camper convert base, £11999

alphard exterioralphard exterior

£11,999 or Full Luxury camper price inc ELEVATING roof £22999
Model 2400cc
Year year 2005
Auto/Manual Auto
Miles Only 36,000 Miles
Mileage Pass BIMTA mileage certificate in place
Serv History  
Colour Aqua
Condition Japanese Grade 4.0 (always ask for proof of grade)
Air Con Yes
Central Locking Yes
Electric Mirrors Yes
Electric Windows Yes
Power Steering Yes
MOT 12 Months
Warranty Yes
Serviced Yes
Timing Belt Will be replaced here UK

Fast, smooth, refined, this 2400cc engine is good on MPG so does not need LPG, but converts well for cheap Tri- power. Incredible miles costs per gallon when on LPG and Hybrid system.

LPG offers incredible economy and performance when the right systems are installed.

The Toyota Alphard is the flagship camper at the moment and wait list is long especially for the very low mileage and high grade examples.

Please Note There are many Alphards on sale in the UK, and not all are genuine. To protect yourself deal only with a genuine importer and ensure you have :

  • Full japan grade proof ie minium 3.5-4 as this protects you against a write off.
  • Warranted mileage certificate pass, they all have them if genuine.
  • Japan photos are very very important, so you can see and assess true japan EXPORT condition and not after a UK respray. All genuine importers will show you these.
  • Always ensure you can inspect the underneath before any cosmetics or underseal

At time of advert This Alphard can benefit from 3 roof types:

  • Super headroom Mushroom, by far the most popular side lift
  • Hard Top Fixed
  • Twin lift

All converts can be bespoke built with:
50-100 floor choices
20 VOHRINGER genuine woods
HUNDREDS of upholstery combinations in both Fabric and Vinyl.

For HYBRIDS please always work well in advance of needs as prices rising at moment and supply short for top level vehicles.