Mazda Bongo-Only 18,000 Miles

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Pls Note: It is very very important that you are able to see crystal clear pictures of any Bongo pre ship Japan. We have extensive photo files on all our Bongos that can be sent upon request pre order.


£8999 as MPV, or £12250 as MID CAMPER , or £12999 as a FULL CAMPER
Model V6, fast and smooth, ideal LPG
Spec 2wd
Auto/Manual Auto
Miles Only 18,000 Miles
Mileage Pass BIMTA Mileage certifcate pass in place
Serv History  
Colour Indigo Gun steel blue
Condition Japanese Grade 3.5-4 authenticated
Air Con Yes
Central Locking Yes
Seats 8
Electric Mirrors  
Electric Windows Yes
Power Steering Yes
Airbags Yes
MOT 12 Months
Warranty Yes
Serviced Yes
Timing Belt Will be replaced here UK

V6 now is very much the way forward, as for a small investment you can have LPGA approved fitting with a state of the art LPG system.

Please note though it is important to have LPG fitted with people who really know Bongos.

The underneath of this vehicle is truly astonishing, it also has the original protective plastic from the factory still on some of the steps.

Ref: 7177